Unlock their full wellness potential.

We empower providers to engage and connect older adults through unique laughter-based exercise programming.

LaughActive is a moderate-intensity group exercise program that intersperses endurance-enhancing laughter exercises within a dedicated strength, balance and flexibility program for older adults.

Participants laugh abundantly and achieve health benefits of laughter without requiring a sense of humor or even a reason to laugh – and get a full workout at the same time.



Fun & Uplifting


Socially Bonding


Healthy & Complete


LaughActive is available to you through an online training & certification program. You’ll learn how to coach seniors through this innovative health and fitness program while laughing A LOT and having fun!

Become a wellness ambassador for older adults.

Encourage them to stay active longer by learning best practices that will help you increase their health and quality of life. Drawing older adults into your organization and helping them to be healthier and happier improves your bottom line.

Laugh your way to greater success.

You’ll be eligible to become a certified LaughActive leader in as little as 16 hours and you’ll be able to start using the program immediately upon completing your training & certification.

(We know you are busy so we teach you to think outside the box without a ton of extra effort on your part.)

LaughActive’s dynamic self-paced learning modules give you the keys to…

Unlock older adults full fitness potential and gain the skills needed to be a successful LaughActive leader.

Build your wellness portfolio with our out-of-the-box solution that’s ready to implement in your organization.

Create a healthy, safe and engaging experience for seniors and their families as they seek and rely on your trusted care and assistance.

Increase your LaughAbility. Learn a new fitness approach with LaughActive online training.

“It is uplifting. It made you happy.”

– LaughActive Study Participant

“It built a sense of camaraderie. I think the laughter helped with that. I felt more of a personal connection due to laughter than I have in other programs.”

– LaughActive Study Participant

Helping others to be healthier and happier starts with YOU being happier and healthier, yourself.

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Health benefits of laughter

LaughActive is a new kind of senior wellness program.

Hi, I’m Celeste Greene, Master Trainer and creator of LaughActive. I help organizations laugh for the health of it through simple, effective and scientifically validated strategies for attaining optimal wellness. LaughActive is a strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility program that is enhanced by laughter. 

The laughter in LaughActive helps older adults to connect with exercise and each other on a joyful level. I am extremely passionate about what I do. I have a Master of Arts in Gerontology and during my tenure at Georgia State University I led a study demonstrating the success of LaughActive among assisted living residents. I have a career where I get to laugh for a living and empower others to do the same.

Let me help you learn a new way of approaching senior wellness with LaughActive’s proven positive results.

Celeste Greene

Master Trainer, LaughActive  | MA, Gerontology | Group Fitness Instructor  | Senior Fitness Specialist | Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher