Case Study

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Our research showed that laughing transforms group exercise into a joyful time and fosters fun, social connection, and meaningful engagement.

The study was conducted in 4 metro Atlanta assisted living facilities over a period of 12 weeks in 2014. Each facility received twice weekly LaughActive programming for 6 weeks.

One of the main goals of this study was to increase the overall health of older adults in assisted living facilities. In addition, the LaughActive study sought to improve seniors’ self-confidence and belief in their ability to stay healthy and fit.

Study Aims & Results

Aim 1 Increase overall health of older adults residing in assisted living facilities.

Results Indicated:

  • Improved mental health states of peace, happiness, and calmness
  • Interval laughter is an effective format for improving aerobic exercise
Aim 2 The LaughActive intervention will be positively associated with improved self-efficacy for exercise among older adults.

Results Indicated:

  • More positive outcome expectations for exercise (joy associated with exercise)

Satisfaction & Adherence Results:

Mean Number of Classes Attended


Program Satisfaction & Class Enjoyment


Participation Resulted in More Joyful Outlooks


Felt Laughter Made Exercise More Accessible & Wanted to Continue Program 2x/Week


Program Enhanced Motivation For Other Activities


Laughter Enjoyable Addition to Exercise Program

LaughActive Poster Handout

Get certified to lead laughter-based exercise programming.

LaughActive is a new kind of senior wellness program.

Hi, I’m Celeste Greene, Master Trainer and creator of LaughActive. I help organizations laugh for the health of it through simple, effective and scientifically validated strategies for attaining optimal wellness. LaughActive is a strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility program that is enhanced by laughter. 

The laughter in LaughActive helps older adults to connect with exercise and each other on a joyful level. I am extremely passionate about what I do. I have a Master of Arts in Gerontology and during my tenure at Georgia State University I led a study demonstrating the success of LaughActive among assisted living residents. I have a career where I get to laugh for a living and empower others to do the same.

Let me help you learn a new way of approaching senior wellness with LaughActive’s proven positive results.

Celeste Greene

Master Trainer, LaughActive  | MA, Gerontology | Group Fitness Instructor  | Senior Fitness Specialist | Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher