Master your LaughAbility.

Begin your LaughActive online training program and become certified to teach laughter-based exercise programming today.

Are you…

   looking to increase resident engagement and occupancy rates?

   wanting to add unique senior fitness as a service?

   struggling to engage older adults in exercise?

Feel confident that you will be able to teach a fun, safe and effective exercise program upon completing the LaughActive online training.

We offer three membership options:

A one-time fee grants you membership and site benefits. Yearly renewal is required for your membership and site/s to remain active.

Individual Membership

Ideal for independent instructors wanting start or develop your fitness business.
  • $150 / annual renewal
  • 1 instructor membership key
  • 2 hours of technical assistance

System Memberships

Ideal for senior centers, retirement communities, exercise studios, etc. with 3 or more sites.
$2,375+ /site
  • $250 / annual renewal per site
  • 2 instructor membership keys per site
  • 5 hours of technical assistance per site
  • 3-5 sites = $2375/site (5% savings/site)
  • 6-10 sites = $2325/site (7% savings/site)
  • 11-15 sites = $2250/site (10% savings/site)
  • 16-20 sites = $2125/site (15% savings/site)
  • 20+ sites = Contact us for pricing

Membership Benefits

  • Access to password-protected Online Training Center for Instructor Certification
  • Pre-formatted LaughActive exercise program workouts
  • Guide to Successfully Implementing LaughActive
  • Waivers, Screening and Assessment Tools, Attendance Log, Goal Setting Worksheets, and other useful Program Forms
  • Participant Assessment data processing to show program efficacy
  • Attractive Marketing Materials to promote LaughActive classes
  • Use of LaughActive logo to distinguish branding, quality, and name recognition
  • Co-Marketing opportunities with LaughActive
  • Listing of LaughActive class information on Location Finder
  • Unlimited number of LaughActive classes per location
  • Invitation to live Instructor Workshops

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LaughActive is a new kind of senior wellness program.

Hi, I’m Celeste Greene, Master Trainer and creator of LaughActive. I help organizations laugh for the health of it through simple, effective and scientifically validated strategies for attaining optimal wellness. LaughActive is a strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility program that is enhanced by laughter. 

The laughter in LaughActive helps older adults to connect with exercise and each other on a joyful level. I am extremely passionate about what I do. I have a Master of Arts in Gerontology and during my tenure at Georgia State University I led a study demonstrating the success of LaughActive among assisted living residents. I have a career where I get to laugh for a living and empower others to do the same.

Let me help you learn a new way of approaching senior wellness with LaughActive’s proven positive results.

Celeste Greene

Master Trainer, LaughActive  | MA, Gerontology | Group Fitness Instructor  | Senior Fitness Specialist | Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher